May 15, 2024
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Where can I buy good quality blades in India?

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When looking to buy good quality double edge (DE) razor blades in India, there are several reliable options to consider. Here are some places where you can purchase them:

  1. Online Marketplaces:
  2. Amazon India: Offers a wide variety of DE razor blades from different brands like Gillette, Feather, Astra, and more. You can check customer reviews and ratings to make an informed choice.Flipkart: Another popular online marketplace with a good selection of shaving products, including DE blades from various brands.Nykaa: Known primarily for beauty products, Nykaa also offers a range of men’s grooming products, including DE razor blades.
  3. Specialized Shaving Websites:
  4. Lelow Online: A dedicated website for wet shaving enthusiasts. They offer a variety of DE razor blades and other shaving products.Shaving Station: Offers a range of high-quality shaving products, including DE razor blades from reputed brands.
  5. Local Pharmacies and Supermarkets:
  6. Many local pharmacies and supermarkets stock DE razor blades. Brands like Gillette are commonly available in these stores.
  7. Barber Supply Stores:
  8. Specialty stores that supply professional barber equipment often carry high-quality DE razor blades. These stores can be found in larger cities.
  9. Specialty Retailers:
  10. Stores that focus on grooming products, such as The Body Shop or Bombay Shaving Company, may also offer good quality DE razor blades.

When purchasing DE razor blades, it’s important to consider factors such as the sharpness, smoothness, and longevity of the blades. Reading reviews and comparing prices can help you find the best option for your shaving needs.

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