Apr 2, 2024
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Dorco Klass DE Blade

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Dorco Klass DE Blade

Dorco Klass DE Blade

I’ve been purchasing and testing various razor blades over the last few months while in search of a cost effective yet beautifully sharp blade for both shaving and utility/projects. I came across these blades by friend suggestions.

You get 100 individually wrapped razor blades, my Dorco package had 4 small boxes containing 25 each (total 100).

I used the blades for both shaving and for a bread lame (a tool for carving designs on fresh baked bread). Of course for the bread lame, the razor blades worked out perfectly, it’s simply cutting lines in soft dough.

For shaving I installed the Dorco blades into 4 different straight blade shavers. Each one of the shavers has slightly different effects on the blades when shaving, however, with an excellent blade, all of the shavers (normally) work flawlessly.

Shaving my face and around my beard worked out perfectly fine. Shaving sensitive areas was tolerable, with no discomfort, however I’ve had better and closer shaves before.

With excellent blades, I usually can use a blade for several shaves before needing to replace the blade. With these Dorco blades, I would use them 2-3 times before needing to replace them.

The Dorco blades are sharp but not stellar sharp. If I was rating sharpness from 1 to 10, these Dorco blades would come in at a 6-7. Again, they are good, but not great.

Overall they do get my recommendation, however there are better blades at a slightly higher prices.


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