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Ku band Satellites receivable in India List

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Ku band Satellites receivable in India List

4.0°E – Eurobird 4A KU beam wide ( Gujrat, delhi J&K,Rajastan ONLY. not in south india)

15.8°E – Eurobird 16 Ku-wide beam ( delhi,J&K,Rajastan ONLY)

25.5°E – Eurobird 2 KU beam fixed ( up to karnataka & andrapradesh ONLY )****

26.0°E – Badr 5 central asia Ku beam( up to maharastra ONLY )

36.0°E – Eutelsat W7 eurasia ku beam( up to some parts of gujrat, Delhi ONLY)

40.0°E – Express AM1 indiabeam ( whole india) ( no channels )

42.0°E – turksat 2A steerable beam s2 ( whole india )

45.0°E – Intelsat 12 india beam ( whole india ) ( home DTH , Dilog DTH)****

53.0°E – Express AM22 ( S1 beam only )( up to gujarat , delhi ONLY )

57.0°E – NSS 12 south asia beam ( whole india )****

60.0°E – Intelsat 904 spot beam only ( J&K ONLY )

64.2°E – Intelsat 906 Spot2 beam only ( whole india ) ( Dish nepal )****

66.0°E – Intelsat Thanthi One

68.5°E – Intelsat 7/10 ( India beam,India & NE Asia beam ) ( whole india ) ( no channels )

70.5°E – Eutelsat W5 fixed wide beam ( whole india expect some parts of kerala & tamilnadu )****

72.1°E – Intelsat 706 spot 1 beam ( ONLY south india ) ( no channels )

74.0°E – Edusat ( no channels )

74.0°E – Insat 4CR KU band india ( whole india ) ( Airtel DTH )****

75.0°E – Eutelsat W75, North wide beam ( J&K, Delhi, Westbengal only )

75.0°E – ABS 1 , ( North beam up to delhi , South beam whole india )****

76.5°E – Apstar 2R ku beam ( J&K delhi , utterpradesh , west bengal only )

80.0°E – Express AM2 ku low ( J&K ONLY )

83.0°E – Insat 3B ku band ( whole india )

83.0°E – Insat 4A KU band india ( whole india ) ( TATA SKY )****

85.2°E – Intelsat 15 middel east beam only ( J&K, rajastan ,gujrat, delhi ONLY )

88.0°E – ST 1 K2 ku band ( whole india ) ( videocon D2H )****

90.0°E – Yamal 201 ku band ( J& K ONLY )

91.5°E – Measat 3 South Asia ( whole india )( BIG TV & SUN DIRECT DTH )****

93.5°E – Insat 3A/4b ku india ( whole india ) ( DD Direct plus , SUN direct HD service )****

95.0°E – NSS 6 india beam ( whole india ( Dish tv DTH )****

100.5°E – AsiaSat 5 southasia beam ( whole india & middel east )****

105.5°E – AsiaSat 3S southasia beam ( whole india & middel east )****

108.2°E – NSS 11 southasia beam ( whole india )****

108.2°E – SES 7 southasia beam ( whole india ) ( Airtel DTH )****

122.2°E – AsiaSat 4 East Asia beam ( J& K ONLY )

132.0°E – Vinasat 1 ku band ( odisa, west bengal ONLY )

144.0°E – Superbird C2 southeast beam ( whole india expect rajastan & some parts of gujrat )

146.0°E – ABS 5 ku beam ( west bengal ONLY )

Satellite Television signals are beamed in two types of bands:

  • C band- This band is comprised of Analogue or Digital signals in the 4 to 8 GHz frequency range used for Television Receive Only (TVRO) broadcast and requires larger size of dish antenna (6 to 8 feet) to receive the signals and is not effected by bad weather conditions like rain.
  • Ku band- This band is comprised of Digital signals in the 12 to 18 GHz frequency range used for Direct to Home (DTH) broadcast and requires much smaller dish antenna (2 to 4 feet) to receive the more focused signals but is susceptible to outages during bad weather conditions like heavy rains.

Thaicom 8 at 78.5°E

Apstar 7 at 76.5°E

ABS 2A at 75.0°E

GSAT 18 at 74.0°E

Eutelsat 70B at 70.5°E

Amos 4 at 65°E

Used by Dishhome Nepal

  1. SES 7 /SES 9 at 108.2°EThis satellite is used by Airtel Digital TV DTH for its HD and SD services. Currently no FTA channel at this satellite. It can be tracked in all India.
  2. Asia Sat 7 at 105.5°EThis satellite is used for Dish TV for its HD and MPEG-4 services. Currently no FTA channel at this satellite. Its beam is available in all India.If you use C-band dish antenna then you can get popular FTA Indian and Pakistani TV channels free.Tracking Pakistani Channels in India is a criminal offense. 
  3. SES 8 at 95.0°EDish TV use this satellite for its SD DTH services. It is the available whole of India.
  4. GSAT-15 (Formally INSAT 4B) at 93.5°E
    GSAT-15 is used by DD FREE DISH for broadcasting its services in India. It is also used by SUN DIRECT DTH for its HD services. It can be tracked in whole India and neighbor countries like Nepal, West Pakistan, and Bangladesh.There are many free to air channel available from this satellite.
  5. Measat 3 at 91.5°EThis satellite is used by SUN DTH and Reliance Digital TV for its DTH services in all over India. Kairali TV, We TV, and Asianet Movies are temporarily FTA from this satellite.
  6. ST2 at 88.0°EThis satellite is used by Videocon d2h services in India. It can be accessed anywhere from all India. Some temporarily free to air channels are Rajya Sabha TV, Lok Sabha TV, D2H Home Channel, Bhakthi TV, and All India Radio services.This satellite is also used by Chunghwa Telecom China for its FTA services. It can be tracked in East, North East Indian states like Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, etc. If you use 90cm dish antenna then you can get better signal strength otherwise signal is weak on 60cm dish.
  7. INSAT 4A / GSAT-10 at 83°EThis satellite is used by TATA Sky for its DTH operations in India. If you use C-band dish antenna then you can get popular FTA Indian TV channels free.
  8. Thaicom 8 at 78.5°EIts signal is available in Bihar, West Bengal and Some part of Uttar Pradesh.
  9. Apstar 7 at 76.5°EHere you can get some Chinese FTA channels. Its signal is available in Bihar, West Bengal and Some part of Uttar Pradesh.
  10. ABS 2A at 75.0°EIt is available in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and other neighbours countries. Earlier it was the 2nd choice after the DD FREE DISH but due to Indian Broadcasting rules, it removed all the popular Indian TV channels.
  11. GSAT 18 at 74.0°EAlso known as EDUSAT now its all channels moved to DD FREE DISH platform. It is accessible anywhere from all India.
  12. Eutelsat 70B at 70.5°EIts signal is available in East India and South India. Currently, mta muslim TV is FTA.
  13. Amos 4 at 65°EIt is used by DishHome for its DTH services in Nepal. Its signal is available in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.
  14. GSAT-8 at 55°ENo Free to air channels. Mainly used for Internet Services and live feeds. Available in all India.
  15. Al Yah 1 at 52.5°EIt contains FTA channels of UAE, Middle East and India. Its signal is available in North-West Maharastra, Gujrat and some part of Rajasthan.
  16. Intelsat 10 at 47.5°EIt’s signal footprint is available in Sri Lanka and South India. Currently, some Buddhist channels are available FTA.
  17. Turksat 3A at 42.0°EIts signal is available in West and Middle Indian States. Some Turkish channels are available FTA.
  18. Paksat 1R at 38.0°ESome Pakistani test feeds are available FTA. Its signal is available in West India.

Ku-Band Satellite Coverage in India

Ku-Band Satellite Coverage for Indian Region, Here are satellite name, with information on dish antenna size. so that you can decide which dish antenna should buy for free TV channels.

Please use to track these satellites minimum 100cm Ku-band Dish Antenna.

PositionSatellite NameCoverage BeamIndian Coverage AreaKu-Band Dish Size
3.1°EEutelsat3DKu-Band Europe A BeamRajasthan, MP, UP, HR, Punjab and J&K Only90cm to 360cm
9.0°EEutelsat9AKu-Band Europe A BeamJ&K only120cm
10.0°EEutelsat10AKu-Band Europe BeamJ&K only120cm
15.8°EEurobird16AKu-Band Europe A BeamJ&K, Rajasthan and Gujarat only130cm
15.8°EEurobird16BKu-Band Wide Beamdelhi,J&K,Rajastan, Punjab Only100cm
21.5°EEutelsat21BKU beam Asia BeamAll North India75cm to 120 cm
Wide BeamAll North India75cm to 120 cm
25.5°EEutelsat25CKu Band Wide BeamNorth India, MH and KT80cm to 120cm
26.0°EBadr5 Central Asia Ku beamNorth India70cm to 120cm
33.0°EIntelsat702Ku-Band North East BeamAll North India, Some South Reason180cm and above
36.0°EEutelsat36BEurasia ku beamRajsthan, MP, UP, HR, Punjab and J&K Only70cm to 120cm
38.0°EPaksat1RKu-Band BeamAll India50cm to 75cm
42.0°ETurksat3AKu-band East Beamdelhi,J&K,Rajastan, Punjab Only75cm to 120 cm
42.0°ENigcomsat1RKu-Band Asian BeamGJ, Rajsthan and J&K60cm to 90cm
47.5°EIntelsat10Ku-Band Asia BeamAll India, Not in Kerala Reason60cm to 90cm
50.0°EGalaxy26Ku band EuropeMiddle India90cm to 360cm
Middle East BeamGJ, MH, MP and Goa only90cm to 360cm
53.0°EExpress AM22Wide Europe BeamJ&K, Himchal and Punjab Only85cm to 360cm
55.0°EGSAT 8Ku band India BeamAll India and Nepal45cm to 75cm
60.0°EIntelsat 904Ku band Spot 2 BeamOnly J&K70cm to 90cm
64.0°EIntelsat 906Ku band Spot 1 BeamJ&K Only45cm to 90cm
Spot 2 Beam All India45cm to 90cm
68.5°EIntelsat 7Ku band China BeamAll india90cm to 120cm
India BeamAll India45cm to 90cm
68.5°EIntelsat 20Ku band Europe BeamJ&K, Punjab, GJ, Himchal, Delhi and Rajsthan65cm to 90cm
Middle East BeamJ&K, Punjab, GJ, Himchal, Delhi and Rajsthan65cm to 90cm
70.5°EEutelsat 70BKu band Wide All India45cm to 90cm
Central Asia BeamNorth India45cm to 90cm
72.1°EIntelsat 22Ku band middle EastJ&K only80-100cm
Mobility Beam South India60cm to 90cm
74.0°EEdusatKu band India BeamAll india45cm and above
74.0°EInsat 3CKu band India BeamAll india45cm and above
74.0°EInsat 4CRKu band India BeamAll india45cm and above
75.0°EABS1North BeamJ&K, HP, UT, PUN, Delhi and Raj60cm and above
South BeamAll India60cm and above
76.5°EApstar 7China BeamNorth East India90cm and above
Middle EastJ&K, HP, RJ90cm and above
SteerableAll India90cm and above
80.0°EExpress AM2Fixed BeamNorth India only90cm and above
 Ku BeamNorth India only90cm and above
83.0°EGSAT 10Ku band India BeamAll India55cm and above
83.0°EInsat 4A / GSAT-30Ku band India BeamAll India55cm and above
85.1°EIntelsat 15Ku band East India BeamKerla, OR, AP, WB Reason only90cm and above
88.0°EST 1Ku band India BeamAll India55cm and above
88.0°EST 2Ku band K3 BeamNorth India65cm to 120cm
90.0°EYamal 201Wide Ku-Band BeamJ&K only60cm to 90cm
91.5°EMeasat 3Ku-band South asia beamAll India45cm and above
92.2°EChinaSat 9Ku-Band China BeamJ&K and Nepal only65cm and above
93.5°EInsat 4BKu band India BeamAll India55cm and above
93.5°EInsat 3AKu band India BeamAll India55cm and above
95.0°ENSS 6Ku band India BeamAll India55cm and above
100.5°EAsiaSat 5South AsiaAll India55cm and above
East AsiaJ&K, UT and North East Regions80cm and above
IndochinaNorth East, WB, OR and AP Regions90cm and above
103.0°EExpress A2Ku Band BeamJ&K only240cm and above
105.5°EAsiasat 3SSouth AsiaAll India60cm to 70cm
East AsiaJ&K and North East Only100cm and above
108.2°ENSS 11China BeamJ&K and North East Only100cm and above
South AsiaAll India45cm to 75cm
108.2°ESES 7South AsiaAll India45cm to 65cm
110.5°EChinaSat 10China BeamJ&K, UT, Bihar, Asam only80cm and above
116.0°EABS 7BSS PakistanNorth India Only100cm
Afghanistan BeamNorth India Some Region45cm to 150cm
Middle EastAll India55cm to 100cm
122.0°EAsiasat 4East Asia BeamJ&K, Delhi, UP, UT, HP, Bihar Only85cm to 120cm
125.0°EChinaSat 6AChina BeamJ&K, HP, UT and AR only85cm and above
128.0°EJCSat 3AAsia BeamBihar, WB, Assam, AR, and Sikkim only80cm to 120cm
138.0°ETelstar 18Asia BeamAll India60cm to 120cm
140.0°EExpress AM3Wide Beam – Low SignalsAll India100cm to 300cm
144.0°ESuperbird C2East Asia BeamAll India90cm above
150.0°EJCSat 1BJapan  Asia Beam  – Low SignalsNorth and Middle India120cm to 150cm

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