Dec 2, 2023
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Jyotishi Tele Film Doordarshan Kolkata

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Jyotishi (1955) is a Indian Bengali film released on 1955. The film is directed by Chitta Basu.

Jyotishi Film

Tele Film By: Doordarshan Kolkata
Black and White film

Jyotishi in Bengali and Hindi language means Astrologer.

Jyotishi is a story of a simple and humble living school teacher with happy go lucky man nature in one of the villages of West Bengal. He happens to learn Palmistry on his own out of his inquisitiveness taking help of small time booklets on palmistry purchased from the make shift footpath shops in weekly market.

On study of his own palms, his knowledge of palmistry could predict that,

  1. He himself kills his own mother and
  2. His wife would elope with a young man leaving him alone.

It was unbelievable to him because he could not imagine to kill his own mother with whom they both have extreme love and affection on each other. And it was beyond his imagination to think that what it was going to be with his wife.

Disturbed by these, he did cross check his above predictions with the many palmistry pandits who inform that they were bound to happen as per palmistry principles.

It is very interesting to see in the movie how he strives to alter these predictions and how he failed to achieve his target and what were the root causes of those predictions to become true. The direction, screen play and the story line were excellently dealt with.

The gist of Jyotishi movie is that nothing is going to be altered in deviation of your destiny, a philosophical trait of Bhagavad Geeta. But it is also interesting to note that the very root cause of the predictions to happen is nothing but having the knowledge of those predictions, in advance.

I am very much impressed with the way the Jyotishi movie was picturised. I have seen this movie in DD National Channel in around 1984 in regional movies programme and gain on 2002 on DD Kolkata

I want to have a CD or DVD of Jyotishi movie. If some can help, please do contact me.

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