May 15, 2023
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10 Front mehndi design easy and beautiful

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Front mehndi design easy and beautiful, traditional body art known as mehndi has been practiced for millennia.

Front mehndi design easy and beautiful

It is a well-liked genre of art in many cultures, especially in South Asia, where weddings and other important ceremonies frequently feature it. You’re in luck if you’re new to mehndi and are looking for simple designs to start with! We’ll show a few easy mehndi designs in this blog article that are great for novices.

Beautiful easy simple henna mehndi designs for hands

One of the simplest mehndi designs to try out is a floral design. Simple flower petals and leaves can be made, as well as more complex ones like vines and swirls. On the wrist or the back of your hand, a straightforward floral pattern might look extremely stunning.

Front mehndi design easy and beautiful

Mandala Designs: Another well-liked option for mehndi designs is the mandala. You may make these circular patterns as basic or as complex as you like. To make a lovely mandala, start with a plain circle in the centre and add petals, leaves, and other features.

Geometric Patterns: Geometric patterns are a wonderful choice if you like a more contemporary appearance. Simple geometric shapes like triangles, squares, and diamonds are frequently used in these patterns. On your hands, feet, or even your fingertips, you can draw a geometric pattern.

Arabic Designs: The rich features and strong lines of Arabic mehndi designs are well known. Yet, by concentrating on a few crucial components, you can make simplified renditions of Arabic patterns. For instance, you only need a few bold lines and dots to make a straightforward Arabic pattern for your wrist.

Peacock Designs: Because they are stunning and meaningful, peacock designs are a popular choice for mehndi designs. On the back of your hand, you can draw a basic peacock feather or a more intricate picture that incorporates the peacock’s body and other details.


Finally, there are lots of simple mehndi designs to pick from. There is a design for everyone, whether you want something straightforward or more complex. As you gain skill and confidence, go up to more complicated designs starting with these simple ones. Happy designing your mehndi!

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