May 14, 2023
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Black Henna Warning

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Natural henna has a rich history as a symbol of celebration, luck, and love, and is considered to be very safe. However, its application can be time-consuming. Unfortunately, there is an alarming trend towards using a product known as “black henna,” which is dangerous and fast-acting. It is important to note that black henna should not be confused with natural henna. Natural henna is never black.

Black henna Warning

Any product that claims to stain the skin black in less than 20 minutes is not natural and is not safe. This is because the only ingredient that can produce such a quick and dark stain is paraphenylenediamine (PPD), which is a chemical commonly used in hair dye. PPD is not approved for use on the skin and can cause blisters, severe allergic reactions, scars, and even long-term damage to a person’s health. It is crucial to never use any product on your skin that is labelled black henna.

Black henna Warning

It is worth noting that some products marketed as black henna may actually be powdered indigo leaf, which is a green powder that can produce a rather ineffective pale bluish-gray stain. However, if the black henna powder is very dark brown or black, it likely contains PPD and should not be used.

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